Milton & King Holy Kereru Wallpaper

Milton & King Holy Kereru Wallpaper

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Milton & King Holy Kereru Wallpaper is inspired by the New Zealand wood pigeon or Kereru bird, with its big white belly and iridescent green feathers. The artist of this bold wallpaper design observed & drew the delicates vine flowers in this artwork during a warm morning at the beach where she lives in South Taranaki and knew it would find its place amongst the artwork. This pattern evokes a fresh morning breeze flowing through the flowers & leaves.  To dream about a pigeon is a symbol of peace & good and means you can sleep soundly. The Kereru with its calm nature brings along with it a sense of nurture and kindness. They are also a strong symbol of motherhood and can represent the love & connection you have with your family and children.

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Holy Kereru Wallpaper
Holy Kereru Berry Wallpaper
Holy Kereru Ice Wallpaper
Holy Kereru Midnight Wallpaper
Holy Kereru Mustard Green Wallpaper
Holy Kereru Original Wallpaper


ROLL DIMENSIONS 24" (61.5cm) x 33ft (10.05m)
PATTERN REPEAT 24.2" (61.5cm)
FINISH Pre-trimmed Butt Join
USAGE Domestic & Commercial
SOURCE Sourced from FSC Certified Forests and printed with water-based ink. Milton & King’s wallpapers are of the highest quality, are environmentally fri read more
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