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2nd October 2014

Decorating your walls with modern wallpaper designs has made a major comeback. There are a variety of designs to choose from, whether it is damask, wild flowers or subtle motifs. You can choose to dress the whole room or just one wall. Modern wallpaper designs are endless.

Wallpaper designs have┬ápreviously had a bad name with reminiscence of grandma’s old house. New technologies have┬árevolutionised the industry. Modern designers have taken advantage of this technology to create stunning designs in different textures. The colour pattern is diverse, vibrant and trendy. Designs can be minimalist or impactful.

Certain wallpaper designs are suited for certain rooms. For your lounge you may want something that is striking and makes an impact, wowing your guests when they first walk in. For your bedroom, you may wish to choose something more subtle and romantic.

Whatever, your choice, please browse through our large range of modern wallpaper designs at www.vieinteriors.co.uk