Cole & Son Afrika Kingdom Wallpaper

Cole & Son Afrika Kingdom Wallpaper

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Cole & Son Afrika Kingdom Wallpaper, the circle of life forms a regal tableau in this celebration of the Animal Kingdom set in the lush greenery of Afrika – the Afrikaans spelling. This tiered design has an elegant formality, with graceful curves in the flora and fauna, the irrepressible spirit of Jabula flourishing. A totemic Giant Eagle Owl with outstretched wings oversees the impressive scene, where palm trees proudly fan out their sculptural leaves, heavy with ripening fruit. Animals appear in mirrored pairs, from balletic giraffes to a dazzle of frolicking zebra alongside some of southern Africa’s most endangered animals like the fiery-toned Painted Dog and stately Roan Antelope. Colour and pattern are layered in vibrant flourishes, from the brilliance of a rhino’s horn to the highly decorative flourishes across a hippo’s hide. Three ground colours deliver dramatically different results: the night sky, high noon or a subtle metallic bronze that evokes the golden hour on the savanna – time for a traditional sundowner.

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Cole & Son Afrika Kingdom Wallpaper
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Width x Length 68.5 cm x 10 m
Pattern Repeat 91.4 cm
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